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keep it cool? >> reporter: a little more than a week after two bodies were found in his home, a vallejo man is free this morning on bail. we'll tell you why his bail was reduced so dramatically. the morning news continues. well, good morning to you. welcome to thursday september 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 6:00. steve is it going to be windy again today? >> breezy. not as bad as yesterday. gusts about 35 miles an hour. we had a lot of clouds, drizzle and then some rain late in the afternoon off to the north and east. things have calmed down. little cool out there right now. 46 santa rosa. highs today starting to rebound after some patchy low clouds. 60s and 70s. the five-day forecast cooler or warmer? we'll have the answer in about five minutes. now sal an update on the traffic. steve, right now traffic on the east shore freeway is getting more crowded although
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still looks okay [ audio problems ] toll plaza traffic looking good coming up to the pay gates. now back to the desk. we begin our 6:00 hour with overnight news from oakland. the investigation is now underway into an early morning apartment house fire. it started shortly before 3:00 a.m. on 60th street near martin luther king, jr. boulevard. no one was hurt but the flames caused substantial damage to the building. arson investigators say they have evidence indicating that the fire was intentionally set. and firefighters also say there was an accidental kitchen fire at the same building early yesterday afternoon. ktvu will have more on the story coming up at 6:30. time now 6:01. this morning a 7-year-old antioch girl is in critical condition after she was hit by a car when she ran into the street chasing a toy. police say around 6:40 yesterday evening the little girl darted into west sixth street near c street right into
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the path of an oncoming car. the driver tried to stop and swerved but hit the girl and knocked her to the ground. the little girl was flown to uc davis medical center. a woman is in the hospital after being shot as she opened her front door. but investigators say she was not the intended victim. ktvu's jade hernandez is now at the police station with more information on the story. jade. >> reporter: good morning. it's bad enough when you know that your neighbor got shot. but then to come outside and realize that you heard 30 shots, that makes it even worse. we're live in oakland in front of police headquarters where they're investigating the shooting this morning. we spoke to a man who lives across the street from the woman who was shot last night around 10:30. scarier is that the woman is not believed to be the intended target. the fight outside of the house involving someone else who lived there may have led to the woman opening her door and then being shot three times including once to the chest. police were not releasing any information about the woman this morning but the neighbor
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told us he thought she was in her 50sliveing with a big family along the 1200 block of 87th avenue. the man we spoked to just moved into the neighborhood. he says he heard 30 shots fired. he immediately hit the floor. what scared him the most is that those shots sounded like they came from an assault rifle. he did come running outside of his home in enough time to see family members running out of the house screaming they shot mama. paramedics took the woman to the hospital where we're told she's in critical but stable condition at this hour. we are live at police headquarters as i mentioned before. no arrests have been made. but we'll keep you posted. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:03. this morning oakland police are investigating two separate shootings. both of them happened around 9:45 last night in different neighborhoods. one of the shootings was fatal. that fatal shooting happened during a gunfight near this taco truck at 45th and
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international. one man was killed. another was wounded in that gun battle. the wounded man actually drove himself all the way to a hospital in tracy to get treatment. his condition is not known. the victim of that second oakland shooting drove himself to highland hospital. police say he was wounded in the 4200 block of foothill boulevard. he is expected to survive. as we told you, both shootings happened around the same time but police don't think they're connected. a vallejo man is out on bail this morning despite being connected to a bizarre homicide case. he was able to post bail after it was dramatically reduced. ktvu's claudine wong joining us now with more on why that bail was lowered. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it all has to do with the charges he faces or could face. we are on upland court. behind me is charles' home. that is where two bodies were
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found a little more than a week ago. hours after those bodies were found he was arrested. but this morning he's free on bail. and that is largely because prosecutors say they don't expect to file charges against him in connection with the deaths at least not any time soon. that is why his bail hearing was reduced yesterday from $2 million to $25,000. he still faces explosive charges for chemicals found in his home last week. but at this point it appears all of that is unrelated to the deaths of his wife and her friend. what happened to them is still being sorted out. but initially police were concerned because it appeared the bodies had been decomposing for some time in the house and believed he had been living there any way. but his lawyer tells a different story telling reporters yesterday that the bodies must have been dropped off there the morning of august 31st. only to be later discovered that night by charles when he returned home from work and by police who were following up on the missing person's report for
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his wife. how all this is connected to efren valdemoro? that is also still being worked out. police believe valdemoro could be connected to the deaths of the two women. charles' lawyers says valdemoro actually stalked his client and wife for years. they believe he killed his girlfriend and an elderly man from hercules. and they believe valdemoro likely killed sales' son frederick sales who is still missing. a search for him has been ongoing at a pittsburgh landfill. that search is expected to resume this morning in just a couple of hours. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. police may have a hard time identifying two armed robbers. witnesses claim the gunmen wore pillow cases over their heads while holding up a mcdonald's. it happened last night at the mall on willow pass road. investigators say the two gunmen walked in, jumped over the counter and cleaned out the cash registers. no one was hurt. time now 6:06. let's go to sal.
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i know it hasn't been raining, but why were some streets wet in oakland? >> i'll tell you it was kind of an unusual accident. in oakland an out of control car slam intood a fire hydrant sending a torrent of water into the air. it happened around 2:00 this morning on 98th avenue. see the car was badly damaged. water from the hydrant gushed upwards of 70 feet. police say the driver was speeding and hit the hydrant. the car flew through the intersection. look at all this water here. the car flew through the intersection and landed on some railroad tracks. the car's air bags deployed. the driver left the car and ran away. maybe he was all wet. look at all that water. police are trying to locate the car's registered owner. you can see that plenty of water. looks like the fire department eventually closed that down. let's go to live pictures westbound 24 driving up to the tunnel. it is actually looking okay to start off the morning with no major issues. and this morning's commute is
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okay in san francisco. we were able to see it looks like some of that overcast is beginning to move in. and in san jose right now northbound 280 traffic is moving along very well. now i need to mention this because my twitter feed is just lighting up. new england patriots quarterback tom brady was just involved in a car crash buzz it was a noninjury crash. he's okay but a lot of football fans -- i think a lot of raiders fans are thinking oh, i wish it would have been a slight injury so he couldn't play. just joking. go to steve. >> they do play my bengals this weekend. that's all i'm going to say. current temperatures are kind of cool for some. 47 santa rosa. napa at the airport 49. 53 san francisco. we have some low clouds around. 50s upper 50s oakland with the low cloud deck a little warmer. cooler if you have mostly clear skies. livermore 57. san jose at 56.
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there's the system. watch yesterday afternoon we had a little drizzle. a lot of drizzle. right there. came right down out of the north. very close. northeast napa county had a little rain as well. that system is now moved out. left behind are low clouds and cool temperatures. 53 san francisco. 57 at 9:00. 62 at noon and a high of 63. low clouds cool, sunny and breezy. but sal's correct spot on the low clouds seem to be regrouping here and coming back in now. 71 yesterday in santa rosa. 75 today. 63 in san francisco after yesterday's 62. walnut creek only 70 yesterday. go 75. oakland one warmer 67 to 68. and san jose from 73 to 75. these are below average temperatures, but we'll get there by tomorrow back to near normal. 47 in reno. cool for some. in fact some record low maximum temperatures even down to southern california yesterday. so the cool air made it all the way down there. but high pressure will gradually build in as you can see the system begins to build in and move out. low clouds and mostly sunny.
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it will be breezy. and it will be slightly warmer. more so inland than i think on the coast where we keep 60s there. some low 70s peninsula. mid-70s inland. but about five or seven degrees warmer than yesterday. then tomorrow continue the theme of warming it up a little. fog comes back to the coast. warmer inland back into the 80s but holding steady with 60s on the coast. a bay area rocker is now offering a reward to get his two treasured guitars back. rob flynn is the front man for the heavy metal band machine head. someone ransacked his family home and made off with his guitars. he used one to record his first album and the other given to him by pioneer dime bag daryl the late guitar from pan terra. >> he is certain he was targeted and is offering a $3,000 reward to get his two
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prized guitars back. martinez police are checking out the fingerprinting discovered at his home. the faceoff over the furloughs and whether or not the governor has the power to force state employees to go without pay. we'll tell you when that decision will be made. and president obama adds his voice to the chorus condemning the florida pastor who plans to burn the koran this weekend. i'll tell you what president obama has to say about it coming up as the morning news continues.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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welcome back. time now 6:13. president obama have joined those calling on a florida minister to not stage a quran burning plan this weekend. allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom with the very latest on this. >> reporter: this is new this morning. good morning to you. president obama is calling on the florida pastor to "listen to those better angels and call off his plan to burn the quran." now the florida pastor, terry jones, showed camera crews the stacks of muslim holy books he says were sent to him by supporters. he's planning to burn them on saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. today in an interview president obama says what the pastor is proposing will hurt u.s. troops overseas and be a recruiting bo
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ban bonanza for al qaeda. >> it was his opinion that the people that are on the field, the special forces he told us, are 100% behind us. >> reporter: meanwhile the state department has warned u.s. embassies to be prepared for possible violence if he goes ahead with his plans. ktvu channel news. a major investor in a property planned for a controversial islamic center and mosque near ground zero says he'd be willing to sell the site for the right price. the investor says although he supports the project it's a mere business transaction. he says if someone offers him $18 million or $20 million they can have it. he paid $4.8 million for the site last year. the muslim leader behind the proposed mosque now says moving it could cause a violent backlash from muslim extremists and endanger national security.
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he says the debate over the islamic center has become so politicized that moving it could result in violence. time now 6:15. senator boxer distancing herself from an economic advisor arrested on marijuana charges at a senate office building in washington d.c. capital police say marcus stanley was trying to hide a leafy green substance as he was going through security yesterday. that substance later tested positive for marijuana. stanley quickly resigned his job. senator boxer says his actions are unacceptable. today governor schwarzenegger begins a six day trade mission to china, south korea and japan. now he's going even though there still is no agreement in sacramento on a state budget. the governor says the trade mission was scheduled months ago and that international trade is an important source of new jobs here in california. the governor and legislative leaders say they will be able to continue to budget
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negotiations via teleconference while the governor is on this trade mission. the issue of furlough fridays is now in the hands of the california supreme court. attorneys representing governor schwarzenegger and state workers faced off in a san francisco courtroom yesterday. employees say the state constitution does not give the governor the power to force workers to take unpaid days off. but the governor's office says it does during a fiscal emergency. the court has until december 9th to issue a ruling. now you can watch video of the california supreme court hearings on those furlough fridays on our website at just click on the bay area news tab. time now 6:17. the state supreme court refused to order governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown to defend controversial proposition 8. the conservative legal group pacific justice institute filed a lawsuit last week. they want the courts to force governor schwartz anythinger and jerry brown to appeal last month's ruling to strike down the voter approved ban on same
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sex marriage. attorneys for brown and the governor said the two should be able to choose which laws they challenge or defend. the faa is about to propose new rules limiting the number of hours that airline pilots may work. the idea is to prevent tired flight crews from making what could possibly be fatal errors. talk about changing the rules began after the crash of a regional airliner that killed 50 people in february of last year. right now commercial pilots are limited to 100 hours of flying time per month. but they often spend almost twice that much time on the ground getting ready for flights or waiting on the runway to take off. 6:18 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal. it's been pretty busy in all parts of the bay area. it has. i always want to thank my twitter followers because i found out that we'll street is
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closed near the transstreet terminal as they rip that down. one of my twitter people was very upset we'll just leave it that way. so you can always get me. send me traffic info. i really do appreciate it. let's go to live pictures. show you that we have 80 westbound you can see traffic is not bad. it's getting more crowded coming out toward that area towards the toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza it is still rather light although we are seeing some more cars show up here at the toll plaza. and driving in the southeast bay right now looks pretty good. this is 237 westbound. you can see traffic is moving along well now nearby 880 after 237 from thr is a crash involving three cars. one is facing the wrong way in the left lane. even though 237 itself is okay, nearby on 880 there is a crash just reported. 6:19. here's steve. sal, thank you, sir. as well if you wanted to tweet me weather information pretty simple.
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we have good information coming in yesterday in the form of we have clouds, we have wind, we have some rain. today we have some low clouds around. now it's not widespread but it is increasing a little bit especially along the coast and the bay. san jose which was 73 yesterday will warm up a little bit. watch. look at the rain coming right down out of lake county and clipping napa county late in the day. first the front and then right there. now the low clouds the by- product of that system. left behind along with cooler air. patchy clouds, low fog and little sunny. 46 santa rosa-napa to 59 downtown oakland splitting the difference with oak land, berkeley and the oakland airport. 57 there. and 56 san jose with mostly cloudy skies starting to fill in. 33 up in tahoe. there are some cooler readings. system will move out and high pressure will just slowly build in which means gradual warming. low clouds give way to mostly sunny skies little warmer but
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breezy. about a three to five degree rebound from yesterday. little more sunshine, slightly warmer. high pressure builds in, warmer weather inland start to see 80s return. we'll keep it in check there and the fog will hang out by the coast. pam and dave. this morning the commerce department reports the trade deficit narrowed significantly in july. the july deficit dropped 14% to $42.8 billion. that's much lower than forecast. the u.s. exports climbed to highest level in nearly two years resulting in big gains of machinery and computers. the founder of kfc would have turned 120 years old today. but a new survey shows 60% of people under the age of 25 could not identify the man who symbolized the old kentucky fried chicken and half believe an imaginary character. the company is launching an art project hoping to get those
6:22 am
reconnected. >> pam, i felt very close to the colonel. >> yeah. a real man. 6:21. if you're looking for the best college cities in the country. you don't have to go far. two local cities rank number one in their class. gun violence is becoming more common among bay area teenagers now. find out just how easy it is for them to get the weapons they often use against other teenagers. good morning. traffic is moving along okay if you're driving on 880 they have cleaned up some of that road work they were doing right there. and we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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[car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ good morning. right now traffic on bay area bridges looking pretty good here. bay bridge metering lights are on. you can see the lights are flashing now and they're on. san mateo golden gate bridge looking good. so does the richmond bridge in and out of marin county. at 6:25 back to dave and pam. crews battling that huge colorado wild fire are preparing for another day of high winds and low humidity. that will make their difficult job even harder as they try to gain ground on the flame that is have now destroyed at least 135 homes.
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it makes it the most destructive fire in colorado history. and it does not include the human toll. at least four people are missing. more than 3500 others have been evacuated and are left wondering if they have anything left to go home to. the best city for college students is right here in the bay area. the american institute of economic research named san francisco the top large college city in the nation. new york city came in second followed by washington d.c., boston and attle. the ranking is based on academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunities. in the mid-size category san jose ranked first. boulder, colorado, was the top small college city. an 18-year-old man taken to the hospital after an attack at the college of marin's kentfield campus. it happened tuesday morning outside the school's science center. now arriving officers saw a handful of people running from the scene and arrested five people although one of them was later released. now police aren't sure what sparked the attack, but the
6:27 am
four remaining suspects all between the ages of 18 and 24 are being held on $50,000 bail. time now 6:26. perhaps the most troubling aspect of urban violence in the bay area is the age of those involved. there's a rise in the number of teenagers getting shot or doing the shooting. with more than 400 shootings in oakland so far this year, 115 of the victims were minors. about a third of the suspects were under the age of 18. both police and teenagers say part of the problem is guns are too easily available. >> i can buy a gun right now if i really wanted to. >> reporter: how would you do something like that? >> you go around and ask if you know somebody in gangs say i need a gun i got $200 on me. they say all right. i'll get you back later. >> half the battle is keeping the kids in the school. they're suggesting tougher
6:28 am
truancy policies and more after school programs to get young people out of the cross fire. arson investigators are looking for clues in an early morning fire in oakland. the surprising part it was the second time in 14 hours that fire crews raced to the same apartment house. >> reporter: it's scary enough when your neighbor gets shot. what scared a neighbor more. we're live with that story. and the opening bell about to ring on wall street. see how investors respond to the latest unemployment numbers.
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live in new york this morning. vanguard at the new york stock exchange. they're waving hello. that's the leukemia lymphoma
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society. [ audio problems ] first diagnosed with -- she and i did the half marathon the nike one in san francisco. i'm looking up to see when that's coming up. it's usually october. it's a wonderful walk. >> saw a runner yesterday i didn't know what it was about. i'm learning. >> training. look for team in training online because you can support teams across the country and donate and help them out. >> very good. and good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. thursday september 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. well, in the news right now police are saying an innocent woman was critically injured during a shooting in oak land. ktvu's jade hernandez spoke with a neighbor, and jade describes the -- the woman described a very terrifying attack. what happened? >> reporter: about an hour ago we went to the house where the shooting took place. we spoke to a neighbor who hit the ground when he heard what he says were about 30 shots. he's scared this morning. and what makes this even worse
6:32 am
is that police believe the woman shot was not the intended target. in fact, a fight in front of the house involving someone else who lived there may have led to the woman opening her front door and then being shot three times including once to the chest. police were not releasing any information about the woman. but the neighbor told us he thought she was in her 50s living with a big family along the 1200 block of 87th avenue. the than we spoke to lived across the street and just moved into the neighborhood. he said he heard 30 shots fired last night around 10:30. he immediately hit the floor and what scared him the most those shots sounded like they came from an assault rifle. he came out of his home in time to see family members running out of the house screaming they shot mama, they shot mama. paramedics took the woman to the hospital. we're told she's in stable but critical condition at this hour. we're live at police headquarters this morning. no arrests have been made so far this morning but we have
6:33 am
contacted police. as soon as we have an update from the department we will pass that information along to olympic. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators now tell ktvu that an early morning fire in oakland is suspicious. at 3:00 a.m. the building on 60th street went up in flames. ktvu is live at the scene. tell us why this will not be a typical investigation. >> reporter: good morning, pam. fire investigators and crews finished their overall about 40 minutes ago. i want to show you some damage here. you see some you of the clothes out here, mattresses, these are basically the things people live with. so basically looking at their lives all burned up out here and thrown away. now this morning the fire department is investigating the cause of the pardon me apartment fire here. sounds routine until you learn there was a fire at the same building 14 hours earlier. the latest fire started at 3:00 a.m. this morning. the 1 alarm fire was under
6:34 am
control in about 20 to 30 minutes. crews worried about evacuating residents because this same crew responded to the 1:00 p.m. fire yesterday. they knew the residents had been evacuated. where is unknown right now. i spoke with a red cross representative a few minutes ago and she said she was going to check on what happened to the people. because no one was inside, a witness says she felt comfortable recording the fire. >> i just saw flames shooting through the roof and out the windows and the glass is busting out. so after. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: is it possible you didn't put out the 1:00 fire and that's what started at 3:00 a.m.? >> it's always possible. but we're pretty sure we had a lady came by saying she heard an explosion and when she looked out saw a flash and then heavy fire in the two rooms that weren't on fire. >> reporter: now these are some of the pictures taken by one of the people who called 911. the fire captain says the cause of the 1:00 p.m. fire was likely accidental. it started in the kitchen.
6:35 am
the cause of the latest fire is under investigation. he says that since the building wasn't secure it's possible that somebody broke in to the less than secure building and then lit a fire in the very same apartment. we're waiting to hear back from red cross about what happened to the people who live in this building. and i'll have that for you on mornings on 2. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. concord police are investigating a the shooing at a parking lot of a strip mall. the incident started with an argument between two groups on monument boulevard last night. police say at some point a man grabbed a gun from his car and opened fire. but there's still no word if anyone was hit. the shooter and his friends fled in an dark suv last seen driving east on monument boulevard. time now 6:35. a long debated plan to extend bart to the oakland airport is moving ahead. the board of directors approved spending $20 million in state funding for the $480 million project. the next step is to get approval from the california
6:36 am
transportation authority to secure an additional $130 million in grants and loans. the new rail line would replace the current air bart shuttle buses. well, the number of people killed in traffic accidents has dropped dramatically to its lowest level in 60 years. the transportation department says about 34,000 people died in crashes last year. that's almost a 10% drop from the year before. in that drop they say it's due to more people wearing their seat belts, fewer drunk drivers out there, and vehicles with better safety features. >> good news. 6:36. sal, i wanted to update since i mentioned it the nike women's marathon in san francisco is october 17th. go down there. if you're not doing anything go along the race line and support people because it's really nice to see. >> sounds like a good cause too, pam. >> yep. it benefits leukemia and lymphoma society. >> always a good cause. thank you for that. let's go out and take a look at
6:37 am
what we have now. the traffic at the bay bridge is little bit busy on the incline section. this picture's kind of cool you can see where the new bay bridge is really taking shape. it will come down to that toll plaza there. before you know it that old bay bridge -- not before you know it but relatively soon we'll be driving on that new bridge 2013. not that far away if you think about it. northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split san francisco, that traffic looks okay. and this morning if you're driving on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 heading out to the high-rise that looks good too. 6:37. here's steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> i'm counting down the fourth on the scald cot. >> that's going to be a good one too. 2014 for that. >> thank you, sir. good morning. regrouping. i'll tell you, seriously you get a system come in as dynamic as yesterday cold air aloft usually chews up the fog. here it is coming right back. it feels like fall after yesterday's system. and 48 hours ago it felt like
6:38 am
summer. we had 90s. boy did that crash fast. low clouds, cool, mostly sunny after these low clouds disappear. might be a slow process for some. a little breezy and warmer. gradual warmings into the weekend. but mainly inland and there are hints that next week we'll go right back into another cool pattern. there's a possibility i say this for those who work outside, maybe next thursday a week from today we'll be looking at rain. we'll see. fine tune that but there's another hint of it. yesterday coming right down out of the north. up into lake county, parts of northeast napa county into the valley, it's gone now. but it was close. it was there. san francisco 53. low clouds, cool. 57. 62. a high of 63 today after yesterday's 62. temperatures are inching up. we bottomed out yesterday. santa rosa with 71. 75 today. that's downtown. 75 in walnut creek after yesterday's 70. and 68 downtown oakland only one warmer in san jose from 73 to 75 today. little key mt. tamalpais an hour ago was 48. now they're 51.
6:39 am
that's plus three. so the cooling has stopped. here comes slightly warmer air aloft helping to warm the fog. san carlos 54. 33 tahoe. some cool air's made it in there as well. system though is heading out. you can see it's rotating into idaho, northeast nevada. high pressure will gradually slide in but it's not very strong yet. low clouds and mostly sunny. a little warmer but also little breezy. 60s, 70s, temperatures below average here. tomorrow inland areas back into the 80s. keep some 60s on the coast as the fog says i want to come back. all right. steve, thank you. we're going to tell you what a vegas resort is saying this morning about this incredible attack by a lion. we'll tell you about the reaction to this unbelievable sight. and just hours after the bodies of his wife and her friend were found inside his home, a vallejo man was arrested. this morning he's free on bail. his bail dramatically reduced.
6:40 am
we'll tell you why coming up. if you're driving in the bay area, some commutes like this one look good. and others leave a lot to be desired. we'll show you those other commutes. south of laredo, there's a place... so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold!
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. good morning to you. welcome back here's a quick
6:43 am
look at some of the stories we're following for you right now. oh, boy. early this morning in oakland an out of control car smashed into a fire hydrant and sent that water shooting into the air. the driver of the car ran off after crashing onto some railroad tracks. also this morning president obama is joining many national and international voices. he's asking a florida minister to call off a quran burning protest this weekend. the president says that would be a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. investigating a fatal shooting. one man kill and had another wounded in the gun battle. a vallejo man linked to a bizarre homicide case is out on bail this morning. we're live now with a look at why his bail was suddenly lower. >> reporter: good morning, pam. charles is out on bail this morning. he was able to post that bail after his bail was dramatically
6:44 am
reduced. the reasons, the charges he faces are more accurately the charges he doesn't. his bail hearing was held yesterday in vallejo. he was arrested last weekend, put in jail with a bail of $2 million. he was arrested after the bodies of his wife and friend were found inside his house and backyard. he's never faced charges in connection with that battery. he's faced charges for chemicals found inside his home. those bodies have been decomposing for some time and police believe he could have been living there any way. his lawyer however has a different theory telling reporters yesterday the bodies must have been dropped off there the morning of august 31st only to be later discovered that night by him when he returned from work and by police who were following up that night on his missing person's report for his wife. we don't know if prosecutors believe that version of events, but we do know they say any possible charges aren't coming any time soon.
6:45 am
and that's why his bail was reduced yesterday from $2 million to $25,000. he posted that bail last night. if he's not connected, police are trying to figure out if efren valdemoro is connected. valdemoro is believed to have killed several people in the days before he was shot by police in a high speed chase. and police believe valdemoro could be connected to the death of these two women. his lawyer says valdemoro stalked his client and wife for years. police believe valdemoro's girlfriend and elderly man from hercules and also believe frederick sales who is still missing. the search has been ongoing. they've been searching a pittsburgh landfill and will continue to search that landfill this morning. we are told that search will begin at 8:00 this morning. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we're now getting word out of iraq. four prisoners with connections to al qaeda have escaped from a maximum security prison in
6:46 am
baghdad. the part of the prison they escaped from is guarded by american soldiers. it's not clear yet how those men escaped. the mgm grand hotel in vegas defending its safety standards after this video came out on youtube showing a lion attacking its trainer. all of this happened earlier this month right in front of hotel visitors. the trainer eventually freed himself from that lion with the help of that other trainer. he was taken to the hospital for bites on his leg. there is more protests overnight over the death of an armed man shot and killed by a police officer. for the third night in a row this was the scene in downtown los angeles. police were trying to control the situation, fires were set by protesters, this comes as the l.a. times reports that the officer who shot the man was involved in two previous shootings while on duty. your time now 6:46. the highway patrol is saying statewide the number of auto
6:47 am
thefts dropped more than 15% last year. 169,000 vehicles were stolen in 2009. that's a 15.4% drop from the year before. and the biggest annual decrease in decades. officials say 88% of the vehicles reported stolen were recovered. investigators are giving the credit to more enforcement, more education and technology for the decline. well, now, come to san francisco. the tv reality show works with police departments all over the country. they equip cars with cameras and other devices, then leaves them as bait to catch car thieves. oncethe car is stolen the police waiting and watching move in and make an arrest. san francisco police chief says it's a good deterrent to crime. bait car has been filming in the city for several weeks now.
6:48 am
>> very interesting. 6:47 is the time. let's check in with sal to find out if the commute is interesting. you're laughing. >> i think that show's pretty funny. >> the music got our attention. >> once they realized they're caught they can't get out. >> yeah. it's funny. well, any way, good morning. it's funny unless you're that criminal. go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic is busy at the toll plaza. there was a small accident on the incline but they quickly moved it out of the way. it's up on treasure island now away from traffic. about a ten minute delay here at the toll plaza. no major problems on 880 north and southbound here as you drive past the coliseum. we had some much earlier road work in case you heard of it it's no longer an issue so you no longer have to worry about that now. in the southeast bay 237 looks okay crossing 880 and continuing to highway 101. here's steve. happy good morning everybody. we have a lot of low clouds back in. i came in very early this morning. it wasn't this foggy but it's
6:49 am
regrouping. we had the strong system yesterday ushered in rather dynamic conditions. cool air aloft yet. here comes the low clouds. they're back. low clouds, mostly sunny. a little warmer. not a lot. breezy, not as windy as yesterday. fog hanging out by the coast. warmer inland. back into the 80s i don't think we'll see the 90s. next week looks like another round here we go of cool again and possible rain a week from today. i'll just put it out there for those who maybe want to jot it down if you have to work outside or have plans. there are some hints that another system will come in. yesterday's was very close. look at that. we had the front in the morning few sprinkles down to san jose then the next round in the afternoon got a little from the afternoon heating and made for an interesting afternoon for some especially in the sacramento valley. patchy fog, mostly sunny. 60s, upper 60s low to mid-70s. little rebound today. mt. tamalpais is running three degrees warmer. the cool air aloft has stopped.
6:50 am
we'll see 80s return tomorrow for inland areas. today it's 70s. 46 sonoma. stanford at 48. cool there. bethel island and gill roy low 50s. vallejo at 55. 47 into reno up and down the coast 50s and 60s. and the system that was responsible for our action yesterday has moved off into idaho. high pressure slowly building in. so low clouds and mostly sunny, breezy and slightly warmer. not a lot but a little bit. more low clouds and fog by the coast and bay. 60s there and low to mid-70s inland. warmer away from the coast. 80s to the interior, but fog on the coast. good news on the labor front this morning. first time claims for unemployment insurance dropped to 451,000. that's down 27,000. and continuing claims were also down slightly. 4.48million americans are now collecting jobless benefits. both reports do indicate that the jobs market is weak and an
6:51 am
increase in hiring is unlikely to happen soon. checking in on wall street and how the markets are responding this morning pretty favorably to the jobs report with the dow jones you can see a live look at the big board up 62 points. one of the dow stocks mcdonald's reports great sales. the biggest hamburger chain great sales over the summer. but thanks to frappes and smoothnies. those numbers were not as good as expected. those numbers weighing on the market. britain's financial ordered gold man sax to pay a $20 million fine. that's after gold man failed to notify uk authorities about an investigation in the united states. the british agency start today look into matters last april after the sec filed civil fraud charges for allegedly misleading buyers of complex mortgage related investments in 2007. they settled by agreeing to pay a record of $550 million fine
6:52 am
in the u.s. well, it was a real shock for other drivers on highway 1. a domestic dispute that ended with a woman thrown out of the car. plus more on the man who will soon replace larry king. the special talent he says he'll bring to the interview show. o?oowq
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
time now 6:54. let's check in with tori now. good morning. we're following the overnight fire that happened in an apartment building already evacuated. find out firefighters do not believe it was an accident. we're learning the likely cause of that horrendous truck crash in oakland last night that wrecked 13 vehicles. some big names that have nothing to do with sports are getting involved in the debate over whether to allow the oakland a's to move to san jose. and a vibrant oakland neighborhood with hip art galleries and restaurant asks now fighting hard to keep a new business out. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to the morning news. thank you. a santa cruz man accused of tossing a woman out of his car is waking up behind bars this morning. this happened about 6:00 last night on highway 1. now surprise witnesses said they
6:56 am
saw things flung from a white toyota four runner and the door opened and shut several times before the woman was allegedly thrown out. 48-year-old james arrested after a short chase on several charges including domestic violence and drunk driving. that woman suffered some scrapes and bruises. san francisco city officials are asking the public to join the debate over the yearly north beach festival. the issue is whether the festival should limit itself to parts of columbus avenue and move out of washington square park. that festival according to critics damages the grass in that area. all right. let's go back over to sal to check in on the toll plaza. how's it look, sal? >> pretty crowded pam and dave. right now westbound traffic backed up to 880. it's not as bad as we have seen it before but at least a ten minute delay. also this morning looking at san francisco 101 approaching downtown. and in the south bay or on the
6:57 am
peninsula southbound 101 still looking good. freeway getting more crowded. now here's steve. yesterday's system came in and left behind a lot of drizzle and a lot of clouds now low clouds continuing to regroup. and temperatures are cool in the 40s. let the low clouds burn off 60s for some. slightly warmer with low to mid- 70s but still a little breezy away from the coast. okay. cnn has elected pierce morgan on the show america's got talent to be the replacement for larry king. he already hosts a popular interview program in britain. he will take over larry king's prime time slot beginning in january. morgan says he has a very personal style of interviewing. larry king by the way will leave the show in december after hosting it for 25 years. san francisco supervisor chris daily is taking steps towards his next career, the owner of a bar and grill. he's in talks to take over san francisco's buck tavern on
6:58 am
market street once he leaves office in january because of term limits. he hopes it becomes a water hole where progressive politics are discussed. his family moved to fairfield but daily says he loves san francisco and isn't ready to leave the city behind. we're about to tell you about a bay area woman who was shot as she opened her front door. the terrifying thing a neighbor says he heard during that attack. stay right here with us.
6:59 am

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